Sunday, February 7, 2016

l.a.does.couponing | Target Charmin Clearance!!!

Found these stack of Charmin toilet paper at my local Target that is currently at 15% off! Yes, I will be waiting for it to drop down!!! Check out your local Target! 

l.a.does.couponing | $.99 Arm and Hammer Detergent

CVS Deal until 2/13!!!

Buy 1 Arm & Hammer @ $1.99 
Use $1/1 IP or SS 02/07
Pay $.99 only!!!

Happy Couponing! Visit my Instagram for more updates! @l.a.does.couponing

l.a.does.couponing | CVS Freebie plus MM!

Buy 3 Hallmark Card @ $.99 each 
Use 1 $3/3 CVSQ IP
Net cost: FREE plus $2 ECB!!!

It's advertising on $1.99 and up cards but it works on $.99 cards, to get that ECB! Hurry and print your coupons! 

Happy Couponing! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

l.a.does.couponing | CVS Clearance

My last trip to CVS, there are a lot of items that are on clearance so make sure to bring your coupons!!! Here's what I found in my local CVS! 

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

l.a.does.couponing | Walgreens Clearance

Here are some clearance finds I found at Walgreens! Your miles may vary! Go run to your nearest Wags, you never know and make sure to bring your coupon stack!

For deal details please check out my Instagram @l.a.does.couponing

Happy Couponing! 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

l.a.does.couponing | CVS Freebie plus MM from 1/31-2/06

Buy 1 Colgate Max @ $3.00
Use 1 $2.50/1 CRT
Use 1 $.50/1 Mfq from SS 1/31
Pay just tax!!!
Net cost: FREE!
(Limit 1 per card)

Buy 3 Hallmark Card @ $.99 ea. 
Use $3/3 CVS IP 
Pay tax and get $2 ECB!
Net cost: FREE plus $2.00 MM!

Happy Couponing! 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

l.a.does.couponing | Target Clearance!!!

Hello there my fellow savers! I'd been in and out of different Target the past week hunting on some clearance items that can put me into paying just cents! I found a lot of items that were almost 80% off and on top of that there are available coupons that were in last week's inserts! Go ahead and run to your nearest Target to find them deals!!! Happy Hunting! 

For more detailed breakdown please visit my Instagram @l.a.does.couponing

Happy Couponing!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

l.a.does.couponing | $7.00 Michael Kors Belt!

Found this great deal at TJ Maxx! 
MK belt retail for $42.00 at the original store but saw it on clearance at TJ Maxx for $7.00!!! YMMV!!!

l.a.does.couponing | Target Money Makers!!!

Target has been putting a lot of items on clearance and with the help of manufacturer coupons from the past weeks inserts, you can get some of their clearance items for free plus a money maker!!! YMMV!!!

Clairol Natural Instincts on clearance for $3.48 ea. 
Used $8/2 mfq 
Final price $1.04 MM!

Garnier Sleek Primer on clearance for $1.73
Used $2/1 mfq 
Final price $.27 MM!

Happy Couponing 😊

Sunday, January 17, 2016

l.a.does.couponing | $.49 Enfamil Ready to Use 32oz

Buy 2 Enfamil Ready to Use 32oz
Use 2 $5/1 In-mail mfq (when you sign up online)
Use $3/2 Target mobile coupon 
Pay $.98 
Final price : $.49 each! 

l.a.does.couponing | CVS Freebies! 01/17-01/23

CVS Freebies until 01/23!!!


Buy 4 Lady Speed Stick 2/$6
Use 2 B1G1 mfq SS 1/17
Pay $6 plus tax get $6 ECB!!!
Final price : FREE!!!

Buy 4 Irish Spring 2/$7
Use 4 $1/1 IP or SS 1/17
Use $4/$14 RCM Instant Coupon
Pay $6 plus tax get $6 ECB 
Final price : FREE!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

l.a.does.couponing | Couponing Abbreviations

Hello there! I decided that I am going to start sharing some of my couponing deals I do here on my blog. Many of my family, friends, and Instagram followers are curious on how I get great deals on certain items. I think that being more detailed about it here would be a great help for everyone. 
I have only been couponing for about a year now and only coupon what I want and need.   

To get started, below is the couponing abbreviations that most couponers use on their coupon breakdowns. 
Feel free to contact me on my Instagram @l.a.does.couponing and Twitter @AnneYhung for any questions or help I can do, since I'm more active there. 

l.a.does.couponing | Target Charmin Clearance!!!

Found these stack of Charmin toilet paper at my local Target that is currently at 15% off! Yes, I will be waiting for it to drop down!!! Che...